What Drives Us?

Our vision

There's a massive education paradigm shift underway. You've seen it. We've gone from books and lectures, to the flipped classroom, to videos, AR, and VR. The problem is that many of our great teachers are being left behind; their expertise not easily translated into digital content. We've built a platform to take all teachers and students through the education paradigm shift, enabling digital teaching and learning in revolutionary ways never seen before.

There are billions of people on the planet - with billions of dreams, wishes, and goals. And ultimately, we want to empower every one of these people, everywhere, to use learning technology to unlock their full potential.

How we'll get there

Though learners use more and more technology with every passing day, human teachers are still the number one driver of learning in schools. We're augmenting every teacher's ability to reach and connect with their students in the most natural way ever created in education technology. Sign on to our newsletter to find out when we launch.